Saturday, June 18, 2011

Papa Ooh Maui Maui

Just got back from a quick three day workation in the islands. Spent most of the time addressing a possible new project in Wailea on the island of Maui. It was a tough assignment but somebody had to do it. Even went to Oahu for a few hours for a couple of meetings. That hurt. Didn't want to leave. Felt good to be home, but had to get back to Maui. My little taxi driver from town to the airport hugged me when she dropped us off. Only in Hawaii. Said hello to slack-key guitarist extraordinaire Jeff Peterson. Told him he was a wonderful showmen, he said I was a great listener. We're new best friends.

Weather was great. Ahahahaha, it's always great. Went by Maui Raceway Park. The good news is that it's still open, bad news is that it was Wednesday and nothing was happening. Stopped at two Longs Drugs magazine stands to show any locals milling around the new issue of Hot Rod Deluxe (Page 12). Seemed like a good idea at the time. Also checked a couple harbors looking for available slips for when I steal my Dad's boat and hide it outer island. Mooring rates are a third of San Diego... crazy. I tried to relieve Maui of it's Jim Beam supply. I was unsuccessful. They have a lot. I'll do better next time.


South end of project looking makai