Pharaoh's Merc Tribute

"You know Gil Gonzales?... Well you oughta. He's a friend of ours and that's his
car you got your butt parked on."


The lowrider that Bo and the boys used to show Curtsie Baby the sites in the film American Graffiti is MIA. Some folks have a theory about it being in some yokel's backyard down south and that it may have been the the site of some grisly happenstance. We don't know about that, but we do know that the couple of posers that are currently touring the show circuit ain't it.

Glenn Shimmin has gone to the ends of the earth (well California at least) to re-create that chopped '51 Mercury right down to the mysterious aroma that Ants so eloquently inquired about (not really).

His Pharaoh's Merc tribute will be on the road with Steve's '58 from time to time so check it out if you get a chance.
Sacramento Autorama - February 2009

Glenn and his Pharaoh's Merc tribute were invited to and attended the 59th Sacramento Autorama in California's state capital a while back. The organizers gave Glenn a very prominent area to display the American Graffiti icon. Joe (Bo Hopkins) showed his approval. The Merc made a nice backdrop for Candy Clark as well.

In the July '09 Rod & Custom, the Merc is pictured just above the title of an article about . If you look closely you can see Mike Famalette chatting with Candy Clark.