Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1932 Ford 5W Coupe Seat Rails

Hey race fans, now that the construction of our American Graffiti tribute is complete, it seems we now have a few extra parts (if the definition of 'a few' is... a whole lot). And seeing as how we're pretty sure the world doesn't need another Graffiti clone (if the definition of 'world' is ...me), most of these surplus parts are going up for sale. Since we bought most of them on ebay, that's how we're gonna put them back out there.

Now, not all (or many for that matter) are 'Graffiti Correct'. We went through quite a learning curve during the research of our project. More wrong parts than we'd care to admit were purchased and then discarded into a pile that soon outgrew the stack of parts we would use. And it should be mentioned that when we first started, we had no intention of building an accurate reproduction of Milner's Coupe. We were going for something we called Super Milner. The Graffiti Coupe on steroids so to speak. Hidden Moon Eyes fuel injection, a big 750R automatic tranny, LeCarre steering wheel, remote opening exhaust outlets. But then we caught the bug, and well, you know the rest.

So we thought that when we had something interesting up for auction, we'd post notice here in case any of you folks were looking for something. First up is a set of very Graffiti Correct stock '32 seat rails just like 'ol John has under his bench seat. They're in perfect condition and straight as a... well... a rail. You can check them out here.