Friday, June 03, 2011

Hot Rod Deluxe - July 2011

So I'm down in SoCal last weekend and I get a message from John H to check out next month's Hot Rod Deluxe that just came out. Holy cow, what a nice surprise! Not only is there an article about the American Graffiti Coupe with a great picture of Candy Clark, more importantly it's also got a picture of Norm Grabowski and Mamie Van Doren from Sex Kittens Go To College (page 43)!!! Oh... and as a side note it even has a couple shots of The Naked Milner!

Part of the Roddin' @ Random section, the article is about the stars of American Graffiti and the continuing popularity of the film. They took the included photos and talked to Ms. Clark at the Sacramento Autorama that we took part in earlier this year. Now, we had no idea they were doing this (the SOBs didn't even mention our name, mistakenly referring to A&M as the builder, but I digress). And in addition to showing The Naked Milner three times, they closed the article by very generously declaring our coupe as perhaps being "closer to the original version than the yellow survivor itself" and "the best clone" they've seen yet. I'm not sure about that (yeah, right) but it's high praise indeed. Thanks guys.