Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wolfman Jack's American Graffiti Contract - May 8, 1972

You know now-a-days before you can have any fun you gotta make it legal. Shown here is the original contract for the acting services in American Graffiti of one Bob Smith aka Wolfman Jack. Also we have an additional agreement allowing American Graffiti to use Wolfman's original XERB tapes in it's soundtrack. As you can see, the Wolfman wasn't in it for the bread. But as we know, George Lucas later made a gift to each of his stars of a tenth of a point on the back end. Doesn't sound like much, but pound for pound American Graffiti was one of, if not the, most profitable movies in history. In his autobiography, Wolfman Jack made a point of stating how grateful he was for that gesture.

These are scans of the actual papers that we were fortunate enough to acquire a few years ago.