Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Milner Coupe - 1976

Studio City, CA

Not really sure where these pictures originated. Doug Bjorn sent them to me about five years ago. They've been the subject of countless debates and extreme scrutiny as all of us gleaned them for any possible information about The Coupe. We knew that the photos were taken between films but exactly when and where remained a mystery.

This year it came to light that a scene from the old television series Emergency! was filmed in this garage with the Coupe as background. In the story, a garage mechanic was injured while mounting one of the cheater slicks onto the wheel. In the show the car was turned around and the tire changer was closer to the door. And if anyone is curious as to what became of the original slicks, well unfortunately the tire was shown with a huge hole in it to tie in with the story. Yikes.

Anyways, that episode, entitled "Captain Hook', was filmed and aired in 1976. The two young ladies may or may not have been extras in the show as they are dressed in what appears to be nurses uniforms. Of course they could have been studio commissary workers as well in those get ups. Regardless, they were obviously cool enough to recognize the real movie star in their midst.