Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The throttle on the Milner Coupe is tricky. The parts have been known awhile, but getting them to look and work right is fun. The bell crank arm has been modified to allow the removal of the valve covers. Huh? Yeah. If you look at an overhead shot of the engine, you can see the main linkage angles slightly outward from the arm to the carb linkage controls.

In order to do this the bell crank arm had to be bent inward. This allows the inside rear T-handled valve cover bolt to be put on and off without undoing the linkage. Ta-Da!

Our carburetors having been tuned and now with the linkage hooked up correctly, all that was left was to make sure we had full throttle capability on the foot pedal. Don't want to be cock-blocked in the middle of shutting down a Falfa type. Mission accomplished. The pedal (or pedal stem) is sitting ripe and ready for all comers.

Paradise Road...

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