Thursday, March 17, 2011

Travelin' On... The Portland Roadster Show

Aloha friends, the Naked Milner will be stopping by at this weekend's Portland Roadster Show. We've got a cool new backdrop that features a life size hi-res photo of our coupe's undercarriage. If you ever wanted want a peek at what the American Graffiti Coupe looks like when it's on the rack (albeit sans paint and road souvenirs), come on by. Candy Clark's gonna be there talking story and like-minded individual David Acheson is bringing his Milner tribute to keep her company! Also, Mark and Aaron of A&M Deluxe Customs have a huge new display and will be there showing 3 or 4 of their latest and greatest creations. So if your in Oregon (not Maine), come on by the Expo Center and say hello.

A Hui Hou!