Monday, March 21, 2011

A Pleasant Valley Sunday

Went down to Portland this weekend to take part in the 55th Annual Roadster Show. The Naked Milner was there, part of A&M's display. This is their hometown shindig so they were all business this year going the whole nine yards on their new show set. There was a retro A&M company sign sitting way atop a new framework that will eventually recall an old service station. It looked great the way it was but Mark and Aaron said that time restraints prevented them from hooking up the electricity to the signage. With lights it should be even cooler. They had current projects there representing all four main food groups, Ford, Chevy, Mopar and Porshe.

Our new undercarriage banner was hung behind the coupe. That picture is sick. Like a giant postcard. It's amazing what can be done with digital photography. We're hoping to add a couple side panels with text and pictures describing the build. That'll make the whole thing about 20 feet long. Yikes. I would have killed to see a picture like that when we were doing the research for our coupe.

Finally got to meet Dave Acheson in person Sunday. Real nice guy. We talked Graffiti Coupe for so long that Gene Winfield gave his seat to my wife Marisa and said "This may take a while". Gene and Candy Clark had adjoining booths and were there signing autographs. Dave had his Graffiti tribute parked in between them as a backdrop. He's on the board of the organization that puts on the show and I guess one of his duties was to make sure those two had a good time. Dave didn't say anything about Candy, but he did mention that Mr. Winfield liked to have fun...alot of fun. Dave looked a little tired. I guess hanging with racing legends is hard work.

The flu bug that I had been avoiding at the office all month finally caught me just prior to leaving for the trip. I was feeling like equine excrement and forgot my camera. So anyway, I ripped off a few pictures online from some guy on the HAMB. I'm sure Mark took tons so I'll try to post later. Aloha.