Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Naked Milner All Pau

That's the island way of saying were finished. Done. Fini. No mas. Kaput. We came, we saw, we conquered. Whew!

Is my Graffiti Coupe tribute done? Nah, not quite. Still needs paint. But as we are scheduling the work, it occurred to us that as a project, or perhaps better described as a goal, The Naked Milner is complete. Really, when we left Ron Kimball's studio, the final bell had been rung. It's only been as we prepare to disassemble it that the realization of a job done is setting in. The application of color, while important is somewhat anti-climatic. Were it not for wanting to participate in the festivities in Petaluma, we might have let it wait a while. It will be nice to be able to drive it, let it get dirty... use it.

So we are now putting all the photographs and research in order to finally put to bed what has been an obsession for the best part of the last decade. Are we ready for that? Oh yeah. It's hard to maintain a passion for anything for five plus years, let alone something that required so much effort, moola, and singular devotion to cause. So after putting the period on the last chapter of The Naked Milner story, We will tilt our head and try to shake out all that we have learned that now keeps us from being able to look at any thirties coupe without asking where the firewall mounted dual master cylinder is.

Any feelings of regret? Pangs of nostalgia and wishing it didn't really have to end? No way José. When I see how much fun guys like David Atcheson and Mario Calabrese are having with their coupes it makes me wonder how we got caught up in all the minutia. Well, I do know how, and I'll be explaining all that in the near future, but I really do want to get some kicks on Route 66 (or more accurately Paradise Road) before I'm too much further into my social security.