Monday, January 03, 2011

...And We're Back

2011! Great things ahead...

First we wanted to share part of an an e-mail we got over the Christmas break from the one and only Johnny Holliday;
"Just got word that you had posted Cruisin 64 on your website back in October and just wanted to say thank's......
It was and still is quite an honor to be among those chosen by Ron Jacobs to be part of his brilliant series.
Those days were some of the best I've experienced in all my years in the Biz.
All the best and Happy New Year.
Johnny Holliday"
Having been a legendary disc jockey in radio's early rock & roll heyday, Johnny is now and has been for some thirty odd years, the voice of University of Maryland basketball. He's written a couple of books about his experiences, "From Rock to Jock" and "Hoop Tales" that you can get Amazon or at his website

If you get a moment, go back and check out Johnny circa 1964, or tune in this season to the Terrapins games. A true voice for the ages.