Saturday, September 11, 2010

Johnnie Be Good

The internet can be a wonderous thing. Last week's musical post of Johnny B. Goode contained a mention of piano player Johnnie Johnson's important contribution to that song and a lot of other Chuck Berry hits. Well that prompted a comment and e-mail from someone affliated with the production of a new documentary about Johnny Johnson. They wanted us to know that the director Art Holliday is hosting a September 19th fundraising concert “Johnnie’s Jam: A Tribute to Johnnie Johnson” at The Sheldon in St' Louis, MO. for his film JOHNNIE BE GOOD, the story of the St. Louis native and Rock-n-Roll Hall of Famer. So if you're in that part of the country check it out. You can also help Mr. Holliday build up the funds needed to finish his film by visiting the site IndieGoGo where you can “buy” various tax deductible items from the film.

The film's website is way cool with a host of interesting features and multi-media gizmos. Click on the picture to go there. Seeing as how Mr. Johnson played on at least two of the songs on the American Graffiti soundtrack (like the tie-in?), it wouldn't hurt for us all to know more about this unsung hero who many consider one of the prime musical architects of rock & roll. Johnnie be great.