Monday, May 11, 2009

Sportin' Wood

As we get ready to cross the finish line with the first phase of this project (Naked Milner), we have to take care of a few of the items that we always knew we wanted but just never had time to do. With the completion of the exhaust system the undercarriage was beautiful. A little too beautiful. This is a tribute to the Milner Coupe you know.

If you remember, in order to keep the drive train authentic, it was necessary for us to remove the top of the K-member where the T-10 transmission passes through, just as it was and is on the Coupe. We were not however, willing to leave it that way. To recover the structural stability of the cross member we customized the top so that it was still connected across the top. Unfortunately that solution caused another problem. The stock wood floor could no longer sit anywhere near flat. Even on the Coupe the plywood rests atop the tranny and is slightly elevated in the cab. We decided to compromise further and add a hump to the floor. The steel floor that the boys at A & M built is perfect. Although not Graffiti correct, I could live with a water tight, structurally sound, and well fitting floor in our hot rod. Once insulated with varying thicknesses of sound proofing, and then covered in black carpet, the tunnel should disappear to a degree.

But the Coupe has a wood floor. And it is a fairly large and visible part of the underneath of the car. We decided to put stock-like plywood beneath the metal floor. After facing the wrath and dead eyed stares of them who built and finished our steel floor, we came to the not-so-democratic decision to modify the steel to accept and join integrally the wood. It is not just for looks. Having the plywood where it was intended on this '32 Ford will also have some positive insulating and sound deadening effects.

So, still adhering to our self-imposed 'one tool' rule, flanges, trim, and seams were added to accommodate the plywood. The end result achieves the desired affect of resembling a stock '32 floor while still being part of a tight weather proof assembly.

And yeah, it will look more like the Coupe.