Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Coupe Gets Tubular

Here is the whole exhaust system for our Graffiti Coupe tribute laid out prior to installation. All the way from the removable reducers, through the mufflers, over the rear axle and out through the tailpipes.

Just as the Milner Coupe does, we use 2 1/4" pipe. We found some cool vintage clamps early last year. Good thing too because the manufacturer went out of business just before the new year. You can still find the common brackets.

Once the exhaust system is painted, we wanted a way to put it back together with the least damage to the finish. As usual A & M implemented a foolproof way to match the pieces with virtually no guess work. And since it's a tribute, the 'crib sheets' are all unseen once installed. The quality of workmanship there never fails.

The drivers side. Although the extra flange isn't "correct", we don't feel it takes away from the authenticity. Once the plywood floor is installed, this will look very close to the real deal.

A view of the passenger side reducer.

Although our license plate will be attached to the body ala the Coupe in the film, we installed the 'street legal' set-up to get a final reading of the tailpipe's exit locations.

Looks very familiar, although our rear crossmember will never 'lose a tooth' like the Milner Coupe.

Not many people have seen the Milner Coupe from the bottom. But those who have will recognize the path we've taken.

Next up is the drive shaft.

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