Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quiet On The Set!

American Graffiti was not a documentary. Consequently, all the principals in the film were actors. Including the cars. Just as each of the actors portrayed a character in the film, sometimes the lead cars were pretending to be something they were not as well. Steve's '58 didn't really have six Strombergs. The '55 was hiding a big block 454 power plant that wouldn't have been around in 1962. Even our beloved Coupe played a character a little more decked out, and a little bit faster than it really was.

As I have mentioned before, it is our intent to build this tribute as it was in the film. Not necessarily as it existed when the movie was made. Put simply, I want the Coupe John Milner was cruisin' around in, not the hot rod Paul LeMat was driving. What's the difference? Not a whole bunch, but enough to break ranks with the bolt4bolt clan.

In the film, the Coupe has a radio. You never see it, but you hear it and it actually plays an important role in one of the scenes between John and Carol.

The character of Milner's Coupe had a radio even if the Coupe did (and does) not.

In another scene as Milner is leaving the garage on his way to Paradise Road, it's indicated that he has uncorked his headers. This would not have been an easy task with the actual Coupe. The exhaust pipe is solid from the collector flange to the muffler. There are no dumps or balancing tubes built into the headers.

It is also our intent to make some noise from time to time. And who knows, some early morning we may just need all the horses we can muster down on Paradise Road. Six bolts a side and we're going commando.

We've sealed the key hole, electrified the ignition, upgraded the battery, and added the missing windshield slider bolts. All different from Figari's car. Hell, we even installed the stock dome light. Not even close to a clone. But pretty much exactly as I see the Coupe when I'm watching American Graffiti for the umpteenth time and it's me in that car wishing I could dump the little girl wearing the T-shirt and go find the blond wearing the T-bird.

Kurt wouldn't stand a chance.