Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

Here's to 2009.

Politically, it won't have to try very hard to kick the shit out of '08. The present band of thieves is leaving DC with their pockets full and blood on their hands. Good riddance Jr., don't let the screen door hit ya. It's go time B.O. (Oh man, are those his initials? Let's try B.H.O.). Good luck. Now get us out of the stink pile.

Business wise? Since this is a blog supposedly about our coupe project, we won't dwell on the economy. Construction's been fine, development is hanging in there, and our new venture is making steady progress. We'll continue to do our best.

Personally, we lost our good friend and brother Luc, and a couple of our elders could be in better health. But on the whole, we've been blessed and have enjoyed a good year that has seen our circle of loved ones expand to include some great new people.

We spent the Christmas holiday in SoCal. For the benefit of those of you in the snow, I won't mention the clear skies, warm breezes, and long walks on the beach with dolphins accompanying us. It's the least I can do. We stayed in the 'Jimmy Buffett' suite in Carlsbad and couldn't have been more comfortable. We bar-b-cued dorado my Dad caught in Cabo while watching the Chargers school the Broncos. The play-offs start this Saturday. Go Bolts! We spent a few evenings at the homes of friends and family and left a considerable wake of empties as proof. Although I must admit that our friends from England left no doubt as to who could consume more wine. My hat's off and I'll tell them all about it when they recover. Well done mates!
Just got back to the NW last night and found the photo shown below in my e-mail. JH surprised me by picking up my finished headers at The Finishing Touch in Chicago. His recent weight gain prevents him from bending over and removing the wrapping. Should I be concerned? He also said something about using Aladdin shipping. Huh?

Well, we hope all is well and may you and yours share the same good fortune as our family and have a safe, healthy, and prosperous 2009.

'da Hui no ka oi