Sunday, October 26, 2008

Milner Coupe Mirrors (or It's November Already And We Haven't Done Squat)

It's getting cold again. Usually that means that it's time to put away the rods and bikes for the season and sit back and go over the past summer's improvements. Not this year. July saw the progress on the Coupe come to a limping halt.

New projects at work put an end to any plans to go to the shop. And we're at the point with the coupe that I want to be there for every decision. The wiring was taking forever and we were finding all kinds of little modifications that have to be done to get everything to fit. In making sure the engine breaths right, we managed to turn a 15.00 dollar part into a few C-notes because the the damn block is so tight to the firewall. And it turns out there's a reason that Figari doesn't have everything functional in and on the Coupe. In order to do it, he would have to move parts or fabricate modifications. To accomplish the changes without being noticable is hard (expensive). And to get things to look like they do on the real car and also function correctly is a trick. As difficult and spendy as it was during the major construction of the chassis and body, making this deuce actually run right and stay true to the movie car is worse. I'll get into detail sometime after we finish, but suffice it to say that I haven't had the time to do it this summer.

So I offer these little close up photos as a lame post offering. Both the rear view and the side mount mirrors are vintage after market items. I have found the same exact model mirrors for our car, although I'm not sure if we'll mount the side view as to mimic the film. Oh, and we'll lose the rust.

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