Friday, September 22, 2006

100% BS

100% BS

There is a unique vernacular in the language of the various folks building clones or replicas of the Graffiti Coupe. When describing how they are constructing their cars, phrases like "Graffiti correct", "100%", "bolts-on", "bolt for bolt", even "movie correct" are used. This let's one know how close to the real thing their deuce will be. One goof has the gall to prescribe varying percentages of correctness to parts and cars, i.e. 97% correct! or 94% Graffiti correct!

The Hui refers to this method of description as the 'BS Scale'. The name is a reference to the initials of the self-appointed "czar of all things Milner" that invented it. Most of the time though it just means bull shit, which is what it is.

The above picture showing the steering wheel of Figari's Coupe is representative of the entire car. Its kinda neglected looking. The owner wishes to leave the Coupe just as it was in the film. It can be argued that there wasn't any rust, corrosion, or dirt on the newly painted hotrod that Lucas filmed. But that issue is for another day. The point I would like to illustrate is that with all the wierd construction methods used to build this car, and all the changes that have been made to it since filming wrapped in '72, and all the weathering and patina that has taken root, and with no direct access to the car allowed by it's owner, a perfect copy isn't possible. We try the best we can, but close is the best we can hope for. Any statement to the contrary is wishful thinking.

But what about the character who invented the scale? His car is fiberglass. 100%...wrong.