Saturday, July 01, 2006

Our Coupe Hui Part 2

Our Coupe Hui
part two

There are three of us. HJ, JH, & JM.

That's our hui. It's a Hawaiian term.

Each one of us is building our own version of the Graffiti Coupe. I'm pretty sure that although they will each be a yellow '32 Ford 5W Coupe, they will be very different and unique.

JH is a car guy. That is meant as a compliment. He would have felt right at home 40 years ago. He does most of his own work and is a topnotch mechanic. He understands the intricacies of what makes a car work. His deuce will be a little rough where it should be, and probably more accurate to the Milner Coupe than ours will be.

JM. He's an engineer by trade. Very analytical. Loves to study each and every part and understand why it goes where it goes. He's the youngest member of 'da Hui'. He scales everything. His car will most likely be very, very close to the original. His father is a rodder and has taught him a lot.

Ours is the show car. A couple concessions have been made for safety and common sense. We started with a pile and probably got carried away with making it right. We'll definitely have the most scratch put into our coupe, but whether that translates into a better rod remains to be seen. I doubt it.