Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Details. The Milner Coupe has a lot of details. There is certainly much we don't know yet, and maybe never will. But most of those facts have to do with the origins and history of the car. But as the Graffiti Coupe stands today, we have figured most of what holds this vehicle together.

  • The body is a 1932 Ford 5 Window Coupe. The top has been chopped 3 inches. The hood has been removed and the grill shell chopped 4 inches. The radiator fill hole has been filled on the shell. The cowl vent is intact. The top retains the stock soft insert. The front fenders and running boards have been removed. The rear fenders have been fully modified including having been bobbed. It has a trunk, not a rumble seat.
  • The frame is a 1932 Ford passenger car frame, It retains the stock 1932 front crossmember. Although still a stock '32, the center K-member is severely modified to accept a modern transmission. The entire upper trans loop has been removed. The k-member also hosts a welded plate from side to side evidently installed as an effort to re-strengthen the cut center. A piece of channel spans the frame as a transmission mount. The rear cross member is from a 1937 Ford passenger car. The frame retains the front horns but is bobbed in the rear directly behind the rear crossmember.

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