Friday, October 14, 2011

Harold Johnson's 1934 Ford

The car my Dad was driving when he met my Mom (and subsequently made her drive to work after they were married and he bought a Cadillac) was a 1934 Ford 5W Coupe. He took off the running boards, mounted motorcycle/spare tire cover fenders on the front and dropped an Olds Rocket 88 in it for power.

He can't remember what the headlights or back bumper were off of but the rest of the car was pretty much stock. He kept it until I came along then traded up for something my Mom wouldn't be embarrassed in. What was wrong with her?

Blurry picture of Barbie wondering why she has to drive this 'ol noisy thing to work.
Sure wish they had kept it, but that wasn't his way.. Like most hot rodders, he loved getting new toys, but also like most car guys, money was tight and to get something new you had to get rid of something old. These pictures were taken in Westchester, CA in 1955.