Sunday, August 14, 2011

Breath Of Life - Cooper's Still 2011

Kailua is a cool place now, but Kailua in the early seventies was epic. You could drive when you were fifteen, drink at eighteen, and you didn't have to go to town to hear and see some of the best bands in Hawaii. There was live music everywhere. My favorite place to take a date was Pinky's Broiler at the Pali Palms Hotel. The house band there was a group called Cooper's Still, and they played the greatest version of Sail On Sailor since the Beach Boys.

Recently a gentleman named Jud Haskins started a Facebook page dedicated to a.) remembering those bands and musicians that played in Kailua back then; and b.) finding out what happened to them. The page exploded and turned into a gathering place of not only the members of those bands but the folks who were there enjoying their music. I had thought I was the only one who remembered those days so fondly. Boy, was I wrong.

Not content just to oversee a nostalgic trip down memory lane Jud, a music producer by trade, gathered some of those musicians and created an album of new music called KAILUABANDS named after the Facebook page. It is crazy good and hasn't left my truck's CD player since I picked one up at Hungry Ear Records a few weeks ago.  Breath Of Life was the first song released off the album and captures perfectly the sound and feeling of the Kailua I remember from my youth, and maybe more importantly feels like Kailua today. Please enjoy and pick up the album by contacting Jud via the Facebook page.