Monday, April 11, 2011

Greenline - March 15, 1994 Volume XVIII

Here's a specialized newsletter for Ford Edsel owners. Can you really blame them for claiming Laurie's car to be the 'real' star of American Graffiti? Not a lot of other famous Edsels in the movies, or anywhere else for that matter. It really wasn't the PT Cruiser of it's day.

And because this featured car has been pretty much ignored at the car shows and Graffiti tributes (Sweden being an exception), we guess it shouldn't be too much longer before the cloners discover this wide open opportunity. It probably had as much, if not more screen time in the film as the more iconic cars. And due to it's relative unpopularity when it came out compared to Deuces and Chevys, it would probably make a highly challanging and interesting project. We can't imagine parts are too easy to come by, especially for the Corsair 4-door.

The presence of one of these parked next to Steve's '58 and Milner's Coupe would sure fill out the next Mel's Drive-In reproduction nicely.

Then someone can tackle Kurt's ride!