Friday, March 11, 2011

Love American Graffiti Style

We've all seen the images this morning from Japan of the devastating effects from this morning's earthquake and subsequent tsunami. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected and those who have family and friends in Japan. Thankfully Hawaii dodged a bullet today when the expected tsunami there turned out to be a mere 3 foot swell. As the wave rolls toward the west coast, let's hope they are equally blessed.

We have a couple of regular readers in Japan and one of them let all of us know via Facebook that he and his family were safe and well.

As demonstrated by the huge attendance at last years Mooneyes show, there are a lot of American Graffiti fans over there. The custom car scene in Japan rivals anywhere else in the world. Some of the rods and bikes they are turning out are truly awe inspiring. While we send are best wishes to eveyone in Japan, let's hope those cars were on the high ground.

Aloha and Bonzai!