Tuesday, March 08, 2011

American Graffiti In 3-D !

Well not quite but it is finally being released in the Blu-ray format.
Or as it says on Blu-ray.com...
Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced that it will release American Graffiti (George Lucas, 1973) on Blu-ray on May 31.

Special features include:
          Video commentary with director George Lucas
          The Music of American Graffiti
The Making of American Graffiti
Screen Tests
Theatrical Trailer
My Scenes
Pocket BLU App

One of the special features is a screen in screen commentary from Lucas on what you are watching at the moment. That should be fun, but I wonder if he'll be able to explain the shots as fast as they're going by. It'll also be interesting to see whether there is a marked improvement in the picture since Lucas originally shot it in a format designed to keep some grain in the finished film. Are all films improved by Blu-ray? Maybe it'll make it easier to see details on the cars. Hope so.

This isn't the be all, end all of Graffiti editions though. There are still those 60 plus minutes missing from the first director's cut. Lucas never throws anything away. They gotta be in somebody's closet. That's when this film will need some commentary. But for now, we get a pristine version of our favorite film and some cool new gadgets. I'm sure the Wolfman will have never looked better.