Friday, February 18, 2011

The Naked Milner is For Sale!

The two faithful readers of this blog (Hallå Sven and howdy Mom!), know that one of the goals of the Naked Milner project was to eventually make a poster of our car while it was in bare metal. We were fortunate enough to have Ron Kimble take some great photos of it a few months ago and were so pleased with the results that we decided to write a book about this build and use the pictures as illustrations. When we found out last Friday that we would be sharing a parking space with the American Graffiti Coupe at the Autorama, we decided to get a poster put together as a souvenir of the event.

We only had a couple of days but with the help of Ron's staff we were able to get it done. Most of them are now adorning the more cooler garages of Sacramento, but a few remain and those we offer to you now. Just click on the Pau Hana Garage tab above and you can get these hot rod bird cage liners while they last.