Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Punks Are Winning

What's wrong with America is this. The kids that used to get beat up in school are now running the place.

Less than a month ago some college kids at a party up in Seattle drank too much and got sick. I use the term kids, but they were all adults. They went to the hospital then home. Because they had been drinking an energy drink/beer combination product, a bunch of parents and school officials started screaming for an investigation into the beverage. Quicker than you can say "I'll blow for votes", local politicians got into the act and called for the outright ban of this and other like products. I wrote about it a couple weeks ago, "Sick As A Dog".

I won't rehash the facts or rant much further. I just thought I'd let you know that they did it. Those beverages are no longer legal to sell in this state. The State of Washington in less than thirty days, changed a law as a knee-jerk reaction to something that happened to a dumbass. Nine dumbasses to be exact. Look, I could care less about the beer, it's what the state's action represents in principle that is alarming.

This country was formed and used to be led by the world's bad asses. The ones who put "Don't Tread On Me" on the flag. They wanted the freedom to live there lives in peace without tyranny. They kicked the shit out of several oppressive governments/countries to allow themselves and their neighbors that right. Now, what England, Mexico, and Germany and Japan couldn't do, the mealy mouthed, politically correct, bed wetting punks from within our own shores have done, put all of us under their thumb. It may not be as bad where you live. I hope not. The state of Washington is a beautiful place. The State Of Washington is fucked.

Our Leaders