Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Mad - No. 166 April 1974

Good afternoon race fans!

You're still number one with us. And to prove it, we're re-upping American Confetti for all of you high cultured types. Now, Cracked a couple weeks ago went over big with our pub crawling mates across the pond so here's to you boys, our one fingered salute just for y'awl!

We're real popular in the UK. A few years ago when I was tooling up from London to Harrogate to visit some friends, everyone who passed us held up two fingers. I thought it meant 'V" for victory, a hold over from the war. I waved back and smiled. My buddy later explained that it wasn't as kind a gesture as I thought and that it was probably because I was driving in the fast lane. A big no-no in Europe. Passing only f&$#ing yank!