Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Harold Gets His Snow Day

1931 Ford Model A Snow Car

My Dad's been waiting all year to get this duel axle, tracked Model A on the street. Last night we had a pretty good cold front move in. And with Western Washington all but shut down this morning with iced roads (this ain't Chicago), it was a bit of a slack day at work. 19 degrees in the sun, 2 inches of packed ice and conditions were go. We won't put the front skis on until we get some real snow (don't want the local heat accusing us of tearing up the pavement), but according to the forcasts, it won't be much of a wait. This old beast really scoots and you haven't lived until you're heading down hill and you realize you have two brake handles on your right, but only one right arm. Steering wheel or brakes? Oh 'da thrills. Everybody had a lot of fun until we had to abandon the un-heated cab and head for the Bookers.

Harold Johnson On The Cold Streets Of Puyallup

Beau & Grampa Snow Car-ing

Ski Wheels

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