Thursday, October 21, 2010

An Open Letter To George Lucas

Dear Mr. Lucas,

We have read recently that your production company is currently preparing to release the original film Star Wars in 3-D. We certainly wish you the best of luck and know that it will be a tremendous success yet again in this new format. And though we are sure that there are still many different ways in which you can tweak and re-edit the Stars Wars saga and it's many prequels and sequels in the future we were wondering if we may be so bold as to suggest something a little different.

First let us express our appreciation for the extras and upgrades to your other classic movie American Graffiti. The beautifully re-colored sky over Mel's Drive-in and Harrison Ford's unforgettable take on 'Some Enchanted Evening' were certainly reasons enough to purchase our favorite flic again. But wasn't your original edit over three hours long? Where is that cut? It's apparent from the endless varied editions of all your sci-fi films that you rarely throw anything away. Someone swept up the carnage after you cut it down to it's release weight. How about throwing a bone to the fans who made Star Wars possible? The folks who love American Graffiti. And we're out here. Hell, most of the cast is still making a living off of personal appearances. The cars make more money per annum than most of us.

We are not suggesting that you monkey with the orignal American Graffii what-so-ever. It is a bon-i-fied classic and deserves to remain untouched. But how about a Director's Cut Special Edition? And you've got the scratch now to add those Elvis songs you wanted! If not that, how about a simple disc of un-released scenes? We'll edit them ourselves.

We know you don't need the money. It's just that we need to know. What's the rest of the story? You can't just go and tell everyone that you had almost four hours of this beloved story and than never share it. It's not fair. Lord know's we've earned it. I'm not even one of the dialogue quoting nuts and I'm on my umpteenth purchase of the film (VHS, Laser Disc, DVD, 16mm, Netflics, Cable). I'm sure that the Milner Coupe builders alone are responsible for a wing or two of Skywalker Ranch.

So how 'bout it? One for the OG Lucas fans.

A devoted Graffiti-ite,

'da Hui.