Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Mark Groesbeck

The Kipster is back! Mark Groesbeck (aka Kip Pullman) has redesigned and re-invigorated his highly regarded study of yours and our favorite film, American Graffiti. 

Now if My Dinner With Milner is the nachos appetizer and Jeff Hamrick's All Graffiti, All The Time 2 page is the before dinner Margaritas, Kip Pullman's new site is the whole Enchilada so to speak. A well thought out menu of entertaining tidbits, deliciously rare photos and thesis-like essays all guaranteed to satisfy your AG knowledge appetite. Mark turns the film inside out to see what makes it tick. And while we already know that we love the film, he helps explain why we do. His look is from a film student's perspective while ours mostly come from inside the Coupe. To celebrate his return, we offer one of Mark's Greatest Hits for your listening pleasure. Easily one of the most played musical selections on our site, this record is the perfect aural accompaniment while reading Professor Pullman's musings. Enjoy