Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jack Bell

Jack is building a Graffiti coupe. Eventually. He's gotten sidetracked a little bit. While hunting down a Man-A-Fre set-up for his car, he became intrigued by the story behind the famous manifold. He wanted to know everything. What are the right parts, where do you get them, and who produced them? That last question led him to Harold Graves. A lot was written about Mr. Graves back in the day, but after the Man-A-Fre Company was bought and shifted it's focus away from hot rod performance parts and towards Toyota 4x4 accessories, his legacy sort of vanished. Any one who's called Man-A-Fre to try to locate linkage parts or get any info at all knows that they will not discuss anything. Whoever you talk to either has no knowledge or no interest in the history of the famous manifold. After these rebukes, most of us shrug our shoulders and move on. Not Jack.

He began acquiring parts. A lot of parts. He researched and obtained every article written about Harold Graves or his product. He bought more parts. And now... he's writing a book. The story of Graves, the company and it's famous intake system. Besides being commercially viable, we think the book is greatly needed just to fill a huge hole in the early performance parts historical lineage. Boy, I know we would have appreciated one while we were putting our 4x2 together. Did I mention he was buying parts?

We asked Jack for a picture of his car, no matter what stage it's in. Here's what he sent. Very funny. What a chop! Ha-ha! Quit laughing!

Mr. Bell was kind enough to send us a bound collection of Man-A-Fre pictures and articles. If his finished book is half as informative as what he to sent us, it's sure to be a big success. Congratulations on your book and your new marriage Jack. May they both last as long as the manifolds you're saving. Aloha