Monday, September 06, 2010

The American Graffiti Coupe - 1973

Stephen Roullier was a college student in Los Angeles in the fall of '73 and was walking around Hollywood one day taking photos when he noticed a yellow Deuce driving down La Brea Avenue. It made a left turn and parked in front of a theater on Hollywood Boulevard, presumably for some sort of event. Since American Graffiti had it's official release in August, it probably was not for a premiere, but perhaps another event. More than that he doesn't know or recall.

So he shot a few photos and then moved on. He wouldn't see the movie until a few months later, and so did not attach too much significance to the car at the time, other than thinking it was a cool looking hot rod. We couldn't agree more. And here, in all their unpampered glory are those candid pictures of the Milner Coupe pre-legend.

'da Hui no ka oi

Steve has graciously allowed 'da Hui to share these gems and wishes us the best on our projects. Please enjoy, but know that they are copyright protected and all rights are reserved. Their reproduction without written permission from S. Roullier is strictly prohibited.