Friday, August 20, 2010

Wolfman Jack Would Tell Us To Get Our Heads Out Of Our...

The inevitable backlash is in full swing. The Impeach Obama signs are everywhere. NPR is clogged with administration underlings explaining why even though something looks, smells and taste bad, it's good for you because of the great job the President is doing, and the Republican goons are in full voice shouting down the Democratic wimps just as they've done since before the inauguration. Enough already.

So far Barrack Obama has not been much of a leader. Me thinks he enjoys his own voice and image way too much. He also assumes he's much smarter than he has demonstrated. He has waffled on every issue he's dealt with. Completely sold us out to the insurance companies, labor unions, and the Soviet Union. He's been a wet noodle when it comes to the military complex. The emotional mandate of change he was given by the American voters has been wasted. It's a shame. But he is the President. For at least another two years.

Obama is not the worst president in history. Not even close so far. That distinction belongs to good 'ol George W. Bush. Let us not forget that he and Dick Cheney, by creating the Homeland Security gestapo, were singlehandedly responsible for the largest loss of American citizen's rights and freedoms since our government was formed. The current debacle in the Middle East is the result of outright deception by those two men. During their time in office the oil companies enjoyed free rein in ripping off the American people. And don't get me started with Wall Street. Our economy is not in the dumper because homeowners couldn't pay their mortgages. That's a smokescreen. The banks and insurance companies were allowed, no encouraged, to use our money and savings to create gigantic wealth for themselves by exploiting an underground economy of derivatives and traded debt hocus pocus that was invisible to most of us. New regulations? Hell, we need to shut them down altogether. Too big too fail? Bullshit. Let's give it a try, it's cheaper my way. But I digress.

The point is... that all this negative energy being spent against the President is counter productive. It's exhausting. I didn't vote for him. Maybe you didn't either. But most of us did. I use the word 'us' because that's who the American public is. Us. And Obama is our president. The President Of The United States. Quit watching the hater news shows. Stop feeding the egos of the crazy politicians on both sides of the aisle. Get behind the President for the next couple years and help him. If by then he still sucks, let's use our heads and vote in somebody who can actually do the job. Until then, let's all be a we instead of a them.


PS: I realize I wrote how Obama's screwed up but I did not say what I thought the President ought to do. I humbly suggest that he should shut up, put his head down, forget all about health care, curing aids, gay marriage, or guesting on The View, and spend the rest of his time just un-doing what Bush did. Get us back to square one. That would be enough, maybe enough to get another four years (or at least a positive nod in the history books). Good luck sir. HJ