Monday, August 16, 2010

The Milner Coupe - 2005 (Part 1)

2005 Portland Rod And Custom Show.
Portland, OR

When we started our Graffiti Coupe tribute, there were some pictures of the Coupe floating around but our main references came from old magazines and hot rod books. Tommy Dercole of Rochester, NY had corresponded with Rick Figari and had some decent interior shots taken with an Instamatic. He shared them and they were eventually posted on Rick Blevin's project site. But nothing existed of the undercarriage or details of the drive train. Coupe builders were mostly hypothesizing and staring at grainy black & white tabloid photos blown up beyond recognition.

So when we returned from Portland and sent a few photos east to Doug Bjorn, it was tantamount to firing the first volley across the bow. These were high resolution digital pictures taken close up and personal. At the time we still didn't know all we were looking at, but the war was on. It was if everyone together realized that this was now serious and if you were going to finish your car right, and first, there was no more patty cake. Sides were chosen and you could practically hear the starting pistol.

Friendly (and not so friendly) competition aside, the photos offered for the first time, an illustration of the Coupe as it existed today. I should mention, that out of respect for Mr. Figari's ownership, the Coupe was never touched, no boundry lines were crossed (except by arms), and all access was via paid admission to the the associated car shows.

'da Hui has visited the car a few more times since then but never with results as exciting as that first look.