Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Milner Coupe - 1981 (Part 1)

For a short 4 years, Steve Fitch was the coolest guy on the planet. Also the luckiest, although luck probably had less to do with it than stone cold determination. You see, before American Graffiti became the cult film it is today and long before there was a underground society of hot rodders determined to drive the cars from that film, Mr. Fitch decided he wanted to own Falfa's black '55 Chevy and John Milner's piss yellow deuce coupe. And he went out and got 'em. Of course, it wasn't as easy as I just said it but suffice it to say that in 1981 he had both cars sitting in his driveway. As hard as it's been to gather even build information on what is now Rick Figari's coupe, it is nearly impossible to fathom having one, let alone both of those icons at your command.

Steve Fitch gave these and other photographs to Rick Blevins last year and he graciously shared them with us. As you can see, Steve had his work cut out for him restoring the Coupe. And even though he committed the near mortal sin of parking the Coupe behind the '55 (a position the Coupe was surely not accustomed to), we send a hardy 'da Hui salute out to the man who saved both cars from the studios and passed them along running and unscathed to race another day...