Friday, July 30, 2010

"...was acting so wacky she got run over by a bus"

If you gotta do it. I mean just gotta go and get married. And you don't want your bride to suffer Evelyn Chelnick's fate. Then I suggest you get a hold of Jennifer Johnson over at Jennifer J. Weddings & Events. She will take the stress off your fiance (and thereby you) and make sure that your wedding day is memorable for it's good times instead of being the first day of the divorce proceedings.

And take it from someone who has been a part of a few weddings, Planners are not an expense, they are a savings. A good one will know who, what and where to go to get the best deals and save you not only money but future hair loss. And Jennifer is one of the best. So give yourself, and your betrothed the first wedding gift and talk to Jen. You won't be sorry (well, at least about the wedding).

'da Hui no ka oi

PS... Did I hear someone say nepotism? That's right.