Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Milner Coupe By Any Other Name, Would Be Just As Yelllow

The Johnson Family's Graffiti Coupe tribute will soon be making a trek to Northern California to record for posterity and a poster (and possibly a calender), it's tenure as 'The Naked Milner'. The odd thing is that as soon as the picture taking is done, for all intents and purposes, it will disappear forever. Poof.

Upon returning from the sacred land of American Graffiti, we will begin dismantling the object that we have spent the last seven years creating. It was never our intent to have and drive a bare metal car. We just thought it would be interesting to folks to see what the Graffiti Coupe is made of. Without paint, it is almost a skeletal view of the various components and rare and sometimes silly parts that make up the most famous hot rod in the world. Once in color, the fine details of the under carriage and chassis will disappear in a sea of black. The original ford body, rescued from the tin heap and cut, welded and massaged into resembling the object of our desires, will be indistinguishable from most other chopped deuces. And as has been pointed out by others, and if we're being totally honest here (don't you just hate that phrase?), once completed and dressed out, our beloved Naked Milner will be... just another clone. A good one for sure, but even some of the lousy ones still look cool.

But it's all good. When that son of a bi*ch is yellow, we'll finally have what we thought we we're getting all those many moons ago, the American Graffiti Coupe! Good times, cruisin', racing and cute cheerleaders from the local JC. Okay. Maybe not the cute cheerleaders from the local JC. But I've still got my cute cheerleader from Mililani High. Like I said, all good. Aloha.

'da Hui no ka oi

The guys over at A & M Deluxe Customs recently presented us with this beautiful framed collage commemorating our project. It was a nice surprise and now hangs in a prominent location of honor at our office. Thanks Mark and Aaron!