Sunday, August 01, 2010

Get Your Wings

One of the issues that has held us up with the pictures is our gauges. It's our own fault. We made the decision just a short while back to run Stewart Warner 'Wings' across the board excepting the speedometer. We had everything we needed previously but had not figured on using the fuel gauge or the older styled vacuum gauge as these were not included in the Coupe as it sits today. So once the decision was made we had a little work to do. The fuel gauge had to be modified from 6V to 12V and the old and faded vacuum gauge needed a little Max Factor to bring it up to par. They are now finished and in the dash and although not 'Graffiti' correct, we are happy with them.

As has been talked about before, Our 'Naked Milner' is a very close replica of the car John Milner drove. It is not a bolt for bolt clone of Rick Figari's car. Our dash now joins the short list that reflect the difference. Actually it was already on the list because we had used a 'Wings' water temperature gauge on the right hand side as opposed to the more modern SW type. And I guess to make matters worse, our useless (sbc needs only one) second water temp is really a clock. Clever, yeah? Maybe not for the purists. We have seen no good pictures of the Coupe's gauges during filming, and we know that there were gauges missing when the sequel was filmed. It stands to reason that the Coupe's current dashboard line-up is no better a guess than ours. Rationalizing of that sort let's us sleep at night. Also, in a growing population of Milner tribute vehicles, it can't hurt to have a little something unique that let's you find your car in the parking lot.