Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Blue Day

Man, it just keeps raining.

While pursuing my new hobby of avoiding work when the weather's bad, I thought I'd put up some shots of The Naked Milner that we took a few months ago. They're mostly close-ups that came out too blue for some reason (not-too-bright photographer). If you are a fan of the Milner Coupe, you should recognize most of the details. It won't be long before all this beautiful steel is yellow and black or chrome. It might be tough putting on that first coat of primer. Bare metal gone forever. Pits and all. I hope it quits raining.

Looking south under the K-member. You can see how the traction bars are attached to the rear axle. We strayed from the original by enclosing the area where it all comes together to keep the water and road grunge from sitting in the tray.

On the left is a nice view of the completely decorative old style brake bracket. Much discussion has taken place trying to figure out just exactly why it's still on the Coupe. And if you have to ask why we put it on ours, well, you may be on the wrong blog. The middle photo is a loving portrait of our be-a-utiful headers. I could stare at that sweep forever. Please ignore the rough complextion of the oh-so-original frame. Our chassis reminds us of that big ugly Mexican in Con Air. He may not be pretty, but the dude sure is cool (and bad). The next photo shows the modified tool tray with the Graffiti battery access door.

Just under the driver's door. Collector into reducer, PSI bracket (with the rare KAR Super 5 space age moon rocket bolt), and a questionable yet functional camera bracket. With a little luck that tank will soon be fire engine red. And finally on the right, a bunch of period correct metal just waiting for shiny.

Still raining. This place blows.

Lost Again - Kalapana 1976