Monday, March 29, 2010

Dr. Strangedeuce: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Coupe

James Valenzuela, owner of V34 Custom Interiors in Eugene Oregon has really gotten into the swing of things as he tailors The Naked Milner's new duds. Kinda trodding new ground as far as the upholstery is concerned, we owe a debt to JH of 'da Hui for his pleat related mathematical skills and a tip of the hat to RB of Project THX138 for finding those seat detail pics and passing them along. Just like every other aspect of this build, it's not until you get into something that you find out how much you don't know. And interior access has been the bugaboo for all tribute builders. Mr. Figari never seems to have his keys handy when we need 'em. Not that he wouldn't open up the Coupe for us if they weren't back at the hotel. Uh-hunh.

JV, a fireman by day, has caught the Graffiti bug in a big way and he's been working awfully hard to 'get it right'. Hand sewing each of the pleats, Jim's definitely earning his 'old school' chops. He's asking all the right questions, studying the pictures ad nauseum, and although the purists will note some of the subtle differences (some not so subtle), the changes come not from error but from decision. Yeah, the trim is missing from the Milner Coupe's drivers door, but we decided to stay in character and install it. And as discussed before, we'll also trim out under the quarter windows a little uniquely. You may notice in the picture that the drivers door window garnish is there too. It's staying. Overall, the puffy, black pleated upholstery makes the Coupe look a little like a Marshall amp. That's good, cause we plan on turning it up to 11 (you know...louder than 10). We're real happy so far and look forward to the completion.


Shoppin' For Clothes - The Coasters 1960