Monday, October 12, 2009

Aloha In Seattle

Cecilio and Kapono played Benaroya Hall in Seattle Friday night. My wife and I have seen them many times over the years and we both thought they sounded better than ever. The acoustics in the beautiful Mark Taper Auditorium were so warm and intimate that at one point in the show they abandoned all amplification, sat in a couple chairs at the foot of the stage, and played lanai style to a hushed crowd. It was really something hearing those familiar voices and guitars as if they were playing in your own living room.

This was also the first time we've seen C&K play together without a band. I almost preferred it. Cecilio is so good on the guitar that you don't miss everything else. And when these two guys harmonize, you'd swear there were three people singing. They opened with a song from their new album and played for a solid two hours without a break. They sang most of our favorites but at this point in their career, almost all their songs belong in that category.

Henry sounded great as usual and despite fighting the flu, Cecilio sounded even stronger than he did last year in Tacoma. They included only two of their new songs in Friday's set but in my opinion there are at least a half dozen strong enough to have been included. I imagine when you have such an established repertoire that it's hard to edit for fear of cutting someones favorite out. The new CD is simply named C&K. They referred to it as their
'White Album'. I figured 'haole album' would be more apropos. Any way, check it out, it's great. And for you long time fans, it fits right in their catalog. You can get it at any store in Hawaii or slighty more conveniently from their website.

The show opened with 'Ben And Friends', a band we've heard play at our favorite 'local grinds' restaurant, Pac Island Grill in Federal Way. They were accomanied by a beautiful hula dancer for two of their numbers and generally pleased the kama'aina heavy crowd. The overall attendance suffered from virtually no promotion (It was the first C&K concert I've ever been to that didn't sell out), but Cecilio promised they'll come back next year with a little better notice. We'll be waiting.

'da Hui no ka oi

Cecilio & Kapono - One More For The Road