Tuesday, September 29, 2009

David Acheson

David Acheson's 'Milner Coupe Tribute'

David is one Graffiti coupe builder who's right in the mix. Based out of Tigard, Oregon and working with 'Pharaoh' Bo Hopkin's group, David's coupe was built to participate in American Graffiti themed drag race exhibitions. Appearing in 2009 at Reno, Nevada's Hot August Nights, David's car was displayed right across the aisle from that other Coupe and it's owner, Rick Figari. A potentially sticky situation was set at ease when both Rick and Paul LeMat certified their admiration of David's car by notarizing his dash.

Labor Day weekend, 2009, David and his coupe met up with Mike Famelette with Bolander's '58 Impala and Glenn Shimmin driving his Pharaoh's Merc Tribute for the 2nd Annual Bob's Car Show in Newport, WA. It was all for a good cause but that didn't stop David from smokin' Falfa's 55 in a Paradise Road redux!

Check out this cool video of the car show that starts with David's coupe.