Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Happy Place

While the bartender is in the back getting another bottle of Tim Dean, I mean Dim Bean, wait... Jim Beam, we'll push the pause button on the browning of our borrows, er downing of our morrows, hold it...drowning of our sorrows. Just long enough to discuss a few issues of no importance what-so-ever.

First of all...pardon me, "Hey can we get some more peanuts?". Damn, bars sure ain't what they used to be. Man, I remember when I was a kid...uh where was I?

And secondly, there has been some discussion lately as to whether the soup, poop, I mean Coupe had a package tray during the filming of American Graffiti. It does not have one now, but according to Steve Snitch, er Niche, um...Steve Fitch, the Coupe had one when he sold it to Figari. He wasn't quite sure what a package tray was when asked, so that may taint his testimony a bit. Either way it is academic to us. At six foot plus, and a belt size almost equal to my age, we needed all the room we could get. But it is a topic worthy of further barroom banter.

Our (and when I say our, I mean my) opinion is that the package tray was in and out of the car during filming. See the photo above? Check it ouuuuut! Sorry. Anyway, it is undisputable proof that the Milner Coupe either had no package tray or that it was haunted and drove itself. The seat was far enough back to allow LeMat to effectively disappear. In other scenes it is debatable. I vote for haunted.

Thirdly, I just noticed the other evening upon my one kazillionth viewing, that the passenger door pocket was moved up for the ticket scene. Check it ou.. oh never mind. Look at the grab below. Isn't that the window garnish to the right? Again, it doesn't mean dookie, just interesting. Kinda.

Fourfaley, the last picture is just funny. "Hey, another drink here". It shows the exact moment Carol gets hit by the water ballon. Man this guy puts more ice in every round.

Okay, back to wallowing in self-hatred and loathsome pity. F**king transmission. I oughta... "Scuze me, bartender? Can I get two cherrys in this thing next time?"

Back To The Island - Leon Russell