Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hey! Ashley Simpson Had Hers Done!

Not everyone digs the nose job on the Coupe. Me thinks it frames the engine perfectly. A lot of hoodless deuces are a bit out of balance the way a small block rides halfway down in the frame rails. Unless you're stacking a high profile intake set-up, there's a whole lot of nothing between the shell and the firewall. Milner's smaller grill and shell compliment the rest of the car.

I'm also thinking that the Coupe's chopped shell is one of the most important ingredients of the primordial soup of blessed parts that makes up the magic that is the Graffiti Coupe. Along with the shortened roof and bobbed fenders, it's part of a matched set. Most everyone agrees that what makes the Coupe so badass is the stance. Geometrically, the envelope of the outside dimensions of the body in relationship to the road creates that stance. If the shell was left at it's stock height, it would create a raised apex, breaking up what is now a perfect front slope. What???

I know. I know. But my point is...it looks cool.

Fattening Frogs For Snakes - Sonny Boy Williamson