Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Independence Day

Here's wishing everyone in 'Milner Coupeville' a pleasant and safe 4th of July holiday. We here at the West Coast office will hoist a cold one or ten and take a long moment to appreciate the true independence that we have in this country of ours.
Our American liberty is a precious and fragile right that is rapidly being undermined and crushed by the weight and backbreaking burden of new and excessively paranoid laws under the guise of protecting the very freedoms they erode.
A lot of us have three days off work to enjoy our families and friends and a nice long weekend to drive the tires off our hot rods.
May we suggest that we make this a true Independence Day? Turn off your TVs and radios! Ignore the babbling naysayers and talking heads we call the media! Take a look around and realize that this is our country. Not the celebrity's. Not the Wall St. investor's. Certainly not the politicians!
Forget about the incessant negativity. It's all bogus. Things aren't that bad. Sure, the price of gas blows. But here's the big secret...the economy is doing what it always does, righting itself. If your livelihood doesn't depend on making 'money for nothing' (stock market investing), and you have a real job and have owned your home for a while and haven't spent like a drunken sailor the last five years, I'll bet you're doing alright.
So let's flip the politicos the bird and concentrate on what we do have and what we have earned. Click off the 'news at 11:00' fear mongers, say a prayer for the safe and immediate return home of our poor GIs overseas, and let's just be thankful this weekend.
We're Americans. We live in America. There's no place better.
Be happy.

Wonderful Day - O.A.R.