Sunday, July 20, 2008

Did I Mention We're Almost Done?

Well, my family claims I've been saying that for the last two years. I don't know about that, but we are making good progress on the seemingly endless stream of small details that as a whole, make the Milner Coupe what it is. And as always we have to make those choices that determine whether we are building a mirrored image of the Coupe or a faithful tribute. Ours is the latter. Case in point: the headlights. We're using the right Arrow lights. We have the same mounts. We even made the choice to have both wires exit out of one hole in the can, just like the Coupe.

But we are breaking rank when it it comes to the actual installation. Take a good look at the Graffiti Coupe from the front. It's got 'da kine Marty Feldman eyes. The headlights aren't level or even. The most apparent reason for this is that the headlight mounts are setting on top of frame rivets. This pitches them at an angle. And perhaps in an effort to make the level 'mo betta', they used different sized spacers between the light and the mount. We opted to attach the mounts flush to the frame and use uniform spacers beneath the lights. Not exactly 100% duh, but proper.

The picture below shows our fan after being shortened to fit. The Coupe has a customized '57 Chevy fan. There is a very similar looking 15" fan available but if your radiator is built like the Coupe's it won't work. The smaller fan no doubt contributed to the cooling problem that led the current owner to install an electric fan in the grill shell. Smart, but not in our plans. Our genius solution is to drive really fast and use the wind. We should probably carry a gallon of water in the trunk.

Ride - Wondermints