Sunday, June 22, 2008

Who Let The Cat Out?

If you're reading this, that means two people have seen it. My mother says hello.

This blog doesn't have any purpose other than to let me blow a little steam once in a while. My son set it up for me many moons ago to keep a diary of our Milner Coupe tribute project. I'm not disciplined enough to write a journal so what we have here is a spotty history of a full grown man slowly losing his mind. It was really never meant for any one else to see.

Almost five years ago we thought it'd be fun to have a car that looked like the Graffiti Coupe. When it arrived there were some problems that needed fixed. It just carried away. I got caught up with trying to learn as much as I could about the original car. We never intended to build a clone or a replica...we just wanted to fix our hot rod and have fun. But as a lot of the people trying to build one will tell you, it's like a virus. It just happens. One day you're walking along a somewhat normal representative of the human race, then without congitive knowledge, you turn into this crazed zeolot that has to own everything Graffiti. It's not enough to have one part, you need three. Or all of them!

In the beginning you're thrilled to find someone else who's building a like project. Then you find out that most of 'em are goons. What's that make me? Oh God, am I like these dorks? Just kill me now. We were lucky, I may of found two other relatively normal Coupe builders along the way. We formed 'da Hui to do the research. These guys are smart and share a general disdain for the rest of the herd. However as time goes on, I suspect we each have questioned the gray matter of our partners.

The 'Goon Squad' as JH refers to the cloners have tragically alienated the owner of the real Milner Coupe. Their unchecked enthusiasm bordered on harrassment and the personal visits resembled stalking, until it is now virtually impossible to get any help from him. He admittedly hates them and spends an inordinate amount of time figuring out how to have them incarcerated. Their actions have consistently made it harder to do the research. I've had my own issues with these so-called experts of the Coupe but not with the owner. He has always shown me the same repect I give to him. I've never touched his car, have always asked permission before taking pictures, and with one exception, every photo you see on this blog, I took. I don't completely share his philosophy on the care and maintenace of his car, but that doesn't matter. It's his car. I happen to love his car. So we build this tribute. It's been a blast trying to do it right, frustrating for sure, but ultimately satisfying.

This blog won't teach you how to build a Graffiti Coupe, but it will give you a peek at what we're doing with ours. A lot of talented people have and are working with us and some of their workmanship is mentioned or shown here. We'll be on the road soon and maybe then we'll post alot more of the build shots, but until then, look around, leave a comment if you want, but don't forget to send money. Wait, did I say that out loud? That was my conscience speaking. After this build, that's about all we'll have left, and to tell the truth, it ain't what it used to be.