Saturday, June 07, 2008

Oh The Humanity

This car does not want to be finished. Or maybe the owner of the original Coupe has thrown down a curse on all cars that begin to look too much like his. I didn’t have this project blessed like we do in Hawaii before starting a new construction job. I don’t know. I just can’t figure out why every little thing we do on this car recently runs into a problem. And I mean everything. The red plug wires? Who knew I had to have 7MM wire to fit into the distributor with the old style boots? And nobody in the US makes red 7mm now. For now we’ll run ‘em Figari style with 90s.
We ordered an 11” clutch kit. They sent a 10.5”. The replacement kit came incomplete. Then the flywheel had a stripped bolt hole.

That’s just what we’ve run into this week. Don’t get me started on the heads, water pump, fan belt. Oi! The fan belt.

This car has been a tremendous challenge. To get the chassis and body right was a hard, long road. But for the most part, we did it. I really thought we were on the downhill side of this mother. And we are, really. I was just hoping it was going to get a little easier as we finished. Not so. This is going the whole fifteen rounds and like Rocky taking a thousand right crosses and left hooks to his mug, we’ll beat this project until we can cry Adrian!!! We did it!!!