Friday, June 20, 2008

Go Times Four

These things will dump the petrol. Hard to tune. No choke, just go! Constantly adjusting.
In an effort to have a little more say in how this sucker runs, we tapped the jet holes to accept Holley Jets. We will have a whole lot more choices (mucho) than we had with the Rochester Jets (tres). Also we are turning the fuel pressure way down. And to do that we have added a non-Graffiti pressure regulator. As you can see, we moved that ugly ass fuel filter (that the Coupe now has hanging on the firewall, not movie proper) to the frame just after the fuel pump, but prior to the new regulator. At the present settings, the motor runs like a charm. We'll see if it's gonna lean out under load once we're on the road. Soon. Soon. Bwahahaha.